Swapping fruit tea for red wine: How much should we read into the latest oral health advice?

We all know the dangers that sugary sweets and drinks can pose to our teeth, but two pieces of oral health advice have recently emerged that might just surprise you.

Fruit drinks
Kings College London has just discovered that despite many […]

Why are less people visiting the dentist?

In 2015, health chiefs warned of limited access to NHS dentists, with half of UK adults admitting to not visiting a dentist for two years.  Fast forward to 2018 and surely our dental health is in a better state?

Well, […]

Brighten your smile with a Poladay tooth whitening system

With 2018 in full swing, you might be on a mission to reinvent yourself – after all, it is new year, new you season! One of the things that might be top of your list is tooth whitening.

Giving your […]

Christmas Oral Health Tips

Christmas is traditionally a time of year for celebration, togetherness and inevitably overindulgence.  With everywhere from the supermarket to the corner shop stocking a wide array of sugar and fat laden festive produce, it can be hard to resist […]

How your dentist helps to maintain good oral health

We all know that it is important to visit the dentist, but we don’t always keep our appointments. Here, as part of Mouth Cancer Awareness Month, we explain why making scheduled visits to the dentist is not only vital […]

Teeth straightening alternatives if you don’t want a brace

It’s not uncommon for teeth to grow into crooked positions or to become overlapped and crowded over time, leaving us feeling self-conscious about the appearance of our smile.

For many years the fitting of traditional wire braces was the most […]

Get Whiter Teeth in time for Christmas with our Enlighten Teeth Whitening Offer

With the summer holidays behind us there is only one thing to look forward to – Christmas!  This might sound like the best way to get you through the next few months of dwindling daylight and gift planning, but, […]

All you need to know about Dental Implants

What are they?

Dental implants are small metal posts or frames that are attached to your jawbone underneath your gums. When they’re in position, they allow your dentist to attach replacement teeth to them.

Why do people need them?

Quite often, dental […]

NHS England confirms £6.3 million annual investment in new dental services for Leicestershire and Rutland

People across Leicestershire and Rutland will soon benefit from improved access to local NHS dental care after NHS England Central Midlands awarded seven contracts to dental service providers.

The contracts – which include the provision of five new dental practices […]

Why should I bring my child to the dentist by their 1st birthday?

The first twelve months of a child’s life is an important period in their dental development, so we strongly recommend a visit to the dentist before reaching their first birthday.

Babies will begin to develop teeth at around 6-9 months […]


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