We offer interest-free and affordable payment plans that allow you to spread the cost of treatment over a period of time suited to you.


The advantages : at a glance

1. Makes treatment instantly affordable

By allowing you to spread the cost, you can opt to have the treatment you want, when you want it, on a repayment plan to suit your circumstances.

2. Wider choice of treatments

By making treatments more affordable, you can access a fuller range of treatments and choose the one perfect for you.

3. Payment terms to suit you

With a range of credit and payment options available, you can choose the one best suited to your circumstances.

4. No up-front deposit required

With the choice to opt for no initial financial outlay, you can avoid dipping into your savings or having to find a lump sum to start your treatment.

Your questions answered

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How Much can i borrow?
How do i make the repayments?
How much will I pay?
How do I apply?
Who is the credit provider?
What happens if my treatment costs more than planned for?